तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम् ॥३॥
tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-‘vasthānam ॥3॥
Then (tadā), there is an abiding (avasthānam) in the essential nature (sva-rūpe) of the Seer (draṣṭuḥ).

As soon as the waves stop, and the lake has become quiet, we see the ground below the lake.

So with the mind; when it is calm, we see what our own nature is;

we do not mix our self but remain our own selves.

Patanjali Yog Sutra, Samadhi Pada||3||
Translation- Swami Vivekananda.

The point is, how do we see the ground, the ground of our mind?
How do we clear the clutter so that things are crystal clear?
How do we still the lake of our thoughts!?

Not all can become Yogis to reach this state.
We ought to start from where we stand.

We need to have clarity of thoughts so we can have better control over our minds. This leads us to visualize our life better. It’s easy to walk on a single path than keeping our feet on various paths at the same time. Many such tools are there in our scriptures, which help us in cleaning up the tangles of our minds.
Let me state some points as per my observation, which helps in clearing up our Mind;

1. Donating stuff not used for over 2-3 years from our house.

2. Donating whenever possible to the needy. Fill up your car with goodies like sugar packets, biscuits, and used clothes for the street dwellers. (Saturn)

3. Write the name of a person, a thought, or an incident on a sheet of paper that has been troubling you. Now burn it (Ketu)

4. Making sure your bed is clean and free from clutter for easy airflow. Stagnant energy around us contaminates our aura. (Sun)

5. Erasing unwanted data from your phone. (what’s app, emails)

6. Having a strict morning routine, a Nitya karma, morning prayer or a chant. (Mars)

7. Clearing up drawers, cupboards, handbags, lofts, basements, cars.

8. Wearing clean, washed, and ironed clothes daily. (Venus)

9. Keeping a limited number of items around your space. Minimalist environment (home, office, car).

10. Mailing or writing to someone dear all your worries or dreams. This really helps in knowing what’s right and wrong for you. (Moon)

11. Being mindful of your thoughts, speech and actions.

12. Exercise, exercise, and exercise- Helps in throwing out toxins from the body. (Rahu)

13. Food is vital to life elements, eating right, and mindfully is the key to a healthy and blissful life.

14. Reading good literature. This not only helps in self-reflection but gives us a “me time”. Svadhyaya is one of the major point of five niyamas mentioned by Sage Patanjali. (Jupiter)

15. Gift generously to your family and friends. This not only opens up your heart chakra but also strengthens the bond. Do not think gifting what is lying in your house can be passed on to your relatives. Gifting intellectually is an important part of relationship building. (Mercury)

16. Taking resolution. This trains the mind to behave in a certain way and makes things happen for our benefit. Swamiji in each of His sadhana makes us take sankalpa. This increases our will power.(Mars)

Let’s make a resolution this Navratri to make our life free of some clutter at least. It’s a lifetime process. To keep our house clean, we have to broom daily, similarly we ought to cleanse our body, mind, and intellect regularly.

Try making every moment blissful and productive.
Be more of your own version.
Create wonderful memories
Be kind and compassionate to yourself.
Learn new skills and gain more knowledge.
Be the change you want to implement.

More about the planets highlighted in the bracket when Sun is in Summer Solstices.

“Just look around you. There is so much clutter. Do you need that in your life? Remove the clutter inside you and the outside will start clearing itself. Remove the clutter outside you and your inner cleansing will begin automatically. Live your own life with others, but not induced by them. Your own version. You will be amazed at the discovery of your own truth. It will leave you flabbergasted, spellbound, dumbfounded and completely fulfilled. You will stand delivered.” Om Swami
Taken from His blog written initially as an email from His Himalayan days.

Sharing Pictures of how I De-Clutter my life.

Dejunk 2
Yoga shiromani
Dejunk 3
Cleaning up my room
Dejunk 4
Burning pent-up emotions
Dejunk 5
Meditating on my guru
Dejunk 6
Clearing up ancestral home
Dejunk 7
Donating blankets
Dejunk 8
Family values
Dejunk 9
Dejunk 10
Feeding birds every morning


Dedicating this blog to Black Lotus team for keeping me on track to perform Random Act of Kindness every single day. This has helped me with better clarity, vision and self development. I am sure this will help me in realizing my self-realisation.
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