A few days back my lil nephew was watching a kids show and theme for the day was healthy demands v. unnecessary demands. As the show goes a boy of around 9 year old was demanding to his mom to buy a horse for himself. But the mom laughed and says horse 🐎 what will you do with the horse. And says he will ride on horse and show it to his friends and so on. But mom was not convinced and on seeing his stubbornness towards this demand. He continued to pursuade mom by saying Horse will be an advantage to us as when your scooty breaks down you can can go on horse to buy vegetables. Mom started laughing and finding it so innocent and yet at same time told him all demands cannot be fulfilled, so stop asking for it. He tried all means to pursuade his mother but with understanding and joyfulness both the parents realised him that every demand is not good and not all demands can be fulfilled, so we should only ask for things that parents can buy them. Such a simple lesson of life, and apply to each one of us equally.

Similarly, as we grow we tend to demand from ourself and others and sometimes others demand too much from us. But we fail to understand which demand is healthy and which is not good for us. We should draw a boundary and try ways as to how to balance demands from others so that it doesn’t ruin our peace. Also, demanding from others is at same time, a expectation. An expectation when unfulfilled leads to suffering. Which in turn paves way to all the negative emotions. Maintaining a healthy outlook towards life and setting boundaries with demands of ours and others is paramount for happiness in relationships with oneself and others. Be free. Be at peace.




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