Anything that is inline with the omnipresent nature is bound to yield pleasant results. Whereas any actions/thoughts that go against the nature yield suffering. I have always believed that all suffering has a reason behind it. In my eyes, suffering related to our health and/or physical being have all the more deeper roots within us. 

When I find myself in any unpleasantness, I engage in a dialogue within me with the divine. It’s been always useful to me as I do get some constructive answers and indispensable motivation. This time when I came out of my deep silence, I could remember some part of the dialogue that went between me and that super power. The small talk helped me with a refreshing perspective covered with few learnings from the nature around us and how can we use it to widen our own existence.

Below is my recording and I wish to share this with the beautiful os.me family. 


Love and Peace to all,

Shivani Om.