Goswami Tulsidas Ji is a reknown poet and bhakt whose writings are sing in nearly each house of india. Below are some famous lines from his writings:- 

एक भरोसो एक बल एक आस बिस्वास।
एक राम घन स्याम हित चातक तुलसीदास।

Translation :-

Chātak is a  bird of particular species, which refuses to drink any water ‘from the earth’, and waits only for the monsoon clouds to quench his thirst.

Just like that Tulsidas ji is saying I have only one faith, one (source of) strength, one (object of) belief i.e. Sri Rām for Tulsidās, just as there is only the raincloud for the chātak bird.

Real Story based on above:- 

In Chitrakoot lives a Saint whose name is Sri Ramanarayanji Brahmchari.

For livelihood he has one small field (khet) i.e. farm in which he do farming along with 1 cow and 2 bull.

Cow and bulls graze in the field and bulls are used for plowing the field. Grains which are produced in the field he used for himself and guests which came there. 

For other things like salt, clothes etc. he gave some grain produced in the field and take in its place that which is required. That is he do not sold his Grain produced in field.

If a house holder came to gave sweets , other things he denied to take them and said “My livelihood easily going through ploughing in field . Give to those who need it”. In this way he do not take anything from anyone.

When someone ask him you don’t take anything from anyone , if in a year no rain occur then how will you pass that time? Hearing this , Saint replied “Aisa ho nahi sakta, kyunki jisne paida kiya hai, usko jinda bhi to rakhna padega. Vah to varsha karega hi, kyunki hamare pass koi stock ya punji to hai nahi. Aur dusre ki cheez hum lete nahi to hamara nirvah to bhagwan ko karna padega.” ( This can’t happen as that who has given birth have to rain timely because we have no money etc. And we don’t take anything from anyone. So for living of us he has to rain)

In One season there is famine everywhere but in field of Brahmchariji , there is raining at that time too. People from everywhere came to see how this has happened ! 

So in this way those who depend solely on Lord , HE worry for that Bhakt and do all arrangements for him.

So he is such type of tyagi and virakt Saint. Gita press founder Jaydayal Goenka also meet with him.

P.S. :- अब लौं नसानी, अब न नसैहों।
रामकृपा भव-निसा सिरानी जागे फिर न डसैहौं॥

Namo Narayan 🙏🏻

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