Babaji, my question is related to meditation and the myths. In general the society has a mindset that if you meditate you will overcome everything. Everything means you physical illness or your worldly worries or any trouble in life will be overcome by meditation. And another big myth is the Gurus have magical powers because they have meditated for long time and they will just fix everything like this in everybody’s life. So meditation is for the higher purpose or to live better or consciously. What is your opinion? If somebody has this set of mind, how you would like to clarify to the society.

Babaji: You see, nobody has waved their hand and given peace to the world. It has not happened. We have to work for that one. Methods have been taught since ancient times, for spiritual seekers – different sadhana methods. So one has to follow that sadhana and achieve that Supreme Peace. So then, if we have peace we will be able to give peace to others and work for that one. So our attitude changes, so all these things happen. A miracle can happen through your efforts, not by waving the hand. So that has not happened.

Many times anybody has asked the question about miracle, performance of miracle by people or anybody. I have told, if anybody can perform, wave their hand and give peace to the world – everybody must get peace, become peaceful – that day I recognize it as a miracle. So that is what happens.A meditation means you practice and your mind becomes peaceful then at least if you cannot help somebody you won’t bother somebody. That much of transformation in your attitude happens.

Many are myths that get built up. The truth itself is a great wonder and amazing. Existence, like Enlightenment or Self Realization, when it happens, when you become aware and being there, that is beyond all imagination, there is no imagination there of what it is, whether it is me or you, no such thing, no identity, nothing, but simply the mind settles and remains in itself, effortlessly. So that’s the Supreme Peace.

The technique is, you see, whenever mind is totally conscious of this world it loses its peace. It goes into dualities always, good, bad, right, wrong, happiness, unhappiness. Like if you get a sound sleep in the night that is one of the examples of the best happiness you derive. That means when the mind is totally unconscious of this world then it is happy.

So when there is no need or no wanting then there is total peace. That is the contentment, the most difficult thing to achieve for humanity.

So these are the things which can be achieved which are really great and which are the greatest wonders of the world for me.

words of wisdom @shri shiva rudra balayogi