One of the most silent and peaceful activity that enables me to spend some time with the energy that Swami ji is – Peace and Love; is going through Swami ji’s earlier wisdom and global meditations – it’s the subtle-ness in those meditation and this awareness of Swami meditating with all of us! It’s something on another level. The silence and minimal usage of words in those meditation allows me feel the silence of Swami! ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Was I clinging on to that experience of silence with Swami? I brainstormed if this was – clinging to feel that peace, that experience/desire? But No! It was not. Oh! How much I enjoy the silent meditation on Black Lotus App or independent of it!

Persisting with meditation has bought this sense of silence and a knowing that dawn like a fountain and cleans itself. There is Nothing to boast about this dawning – it gushes forth, sprouts and clean itself. And reading the post by Swami ji on The Desire Tree I found –

My deepest desire had been to look at the beautiful blue sky and smile(at each other), to look at beautiful flowers and smile(at each other). Not, for sure an aspiration of some kind! The love for sky, flowers and the beauty of this universe enables one to Love and be in devotion. Not the other way round.

Desires – The force that makes the impermanence look like permanent! Isn’t it?

What do you say?ย