Most of us now a days are somewhat unsatisfied from our present situation, whether it’s our personal or professional life. We all are keen to achieve something more, that we think we are capable of. But whenever we achieve that thing we certainly lose its value and we start to look after something else we don’t have. Then again we start complaining if I would have that thing or person or this or that I would be happier.
But that’s not the case, we keep running to fulfill our unending desires until we die.
We want to have a good job, a big house, a beautiful wife, a secure future and so on. Also we want secure future of our kids before we die.But we waste all our life running after these worldly desires and forget where we really belong.
We should not get ourselves attached to material world so much that we forget to discover who we really are.
I don’t mean to say that we leave our homes and family and become an ascentric. But definitely one should look for higher meaning in their life. How you could help or bring smile or happiness in someone’s life without any greed? This is very easy, surely any of us can do that. But we don’t want to do that because it is of no benefit for us.
Let us try to find how can we become more human.

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