A prince who walked away from his kingdom, to honor his father’s promise,

Along with his consort, eyes filled with tears

Giving up his throne in an instance,

Ready to roam in exile for fourteen years.

Was it his destiny?

He was deceived by a demon,

Who carried away his wife,

Faraway to lanka,

Crying in grief for his life.

Was it his destiny?

Many a warriors were sacrificed in this bloodshed,

A thousand wars were waged,

The entire clan of demons destroyed,

All because a malevolent king with an inflated ego was enraged. Was it his destiny?

He could win over the enemies, but not question his subjects,

The fire test was a humiliation,

Her willingness was a test of patience,

All because he wanted to rule wisely his nation.

Was it his destiny?

The very cause which took him on the path of war,

Once again became a bane,

He had to abandon,

Losing once again what he had gained.

Was it his destiny?

A righteous king ,had to live in agony without the love of his family,

Sending his army to prove his might,

Unknown to the fact that the enemies he faced,

Was his own blood willing to claim their right.

Was it his destinyjQuery112406912716628606096_1618194173542

The reunion of the souls was celebrated,

Destiny was once again going to play her role,

Hoping that the pair will now enjoy the bliss,

She embraced mother earth and entered the deep dark hole.

Was it his destiny??

Silently suffering for the duties to perform,

The very thought which made the peoplequiver,

He could not carry the burden any more,

He entered the sarayu river.

Was it his destiny??

Even the gods had to face the brunt of destiny

The way you lived your past life,

Your karma will decide whether the road leads to perdition,

Or is it paradise that destiny gives to each man and wife !!!!!!!!!!

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