Detachment-you own everything but nothing owns you. 2Quite a known word to this world full of conspiracies and politics. Nobody accepts that they desire anything, even though the world is on the verge of a nuclear war. Nothing in this world is permanent, it is this desire of owning everything creates an illusion of having everything by your side, not leaving an inch of it due to the fear of losing it with time or because we see other people happy and try to copy them.

He who has no attachments can really love others, for his love is pure and divine.

-Bhagwad Gita

Reading Bhagwad Gita elates me to an extent wherein I always end up thinking to leave everything that I have with me, the money, the people, though Bhagwad Gita guides me to think that if I want to survive I have to be here, whatever may come I have to stand tall to fight with the struggles, I may face in my life, I need to live up to that….as this book tells me to do my karma with full divinity and dedication.

Detachment-you own everything but nothing owns you. 3

A karma-yogi performs action by body, mind, intellect, and senses, without attachment (or ego), only for self-purification.

-Bhagwad Gita

My perspective towards this life says that you are here living this life because you are supposed to be, it is your destiny….. either you can blame the circumstances or you can fight, with dedication and live with it.

As Bhagwad Gita Says:

When sense have conquered delusion,

Inherent be detachment-without illusion,

When your vexed mind attains serenity

Of thought-you then become a Yogi.

Becoming Yogi (the sanyasi) doesn’t mean that you leave the world….it means to bid your duties with love and affection. Be in love with what you own and don’t crave for what others have…because you don’t have any idea what struggle they get along with, to manage their desires.

Life is beautiful when you live with what you have, instead, you wait for it, I have experienced strong feelings in my life that it’s important to enjoy with what you have and be the champion of that particular moment. However there is proper and exact timing decided for each and everything and it’s my humble advice to you to Wait up!!!! to what you want or work till the time you achieve it completely and in between if you miss something or someone, Don’t worry it was destined to happen…. So don’t mule your thoughts over things that are not meant for you.

God only knows what’s best for you…..


I have a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness….Trust me and don’t give up    

-Bhagwad Gita


I believe struggle only comes to those whom God wants to be stronger than ever before, it is the way to make you more powerful, wiser & affectionate. When you face difficulties in life you can understand others’ miseries in a better way. You can connect with their pains and realize that how this pain may aching their whole life and that’s when God wants you to make those people realize to be motivated and be their votary to understand the reason behind the pain and help them to stand stronger and face the difficulties with heads high and chin up.

You cannot help someone until you surpassed through the same pain or maybe with the same intensity of pain and if you are going through some pain then there must be a good reason behind it. Adore it, value it…God doesn’t choose people out of the blue…It is that special breed of humans who get to go along with this special treatment. Well, I may sound stupid however I assure you that give a thought about it…We are his creations and our caretaker will never want to unnecessarily burden us on pain…There must be some reason…and that Is for YOUR INDIVIDUAL UPLIFTMENT….to grow you as a person….

Let me quote my words in this way…

People try to stop the mind from thinking, but it is impossible. The goal of life is not to become unconscious but to become superconscious. Communicating not with the body but with soul…..ending this illusion(Maya) around yourself by realizing your true self.


The Yogi is considered to be better than the ascetics, surpass the knowledgeable & is superior to performers of action. Therefore, O Arjuna….be a Yogi.

-Bhagwad Gita

So Delusionize yourself….Understand this world is just a setup of MAYA, created to deviate us from becoming the true soul. Enjoy being a one and realize the supernova vision of your soul. HAPPY DISCOVERING OF YOURSELF.



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