Detachment is often misunderstood for indifference. Yet, detachment can bring immense value to anything we do, including our job.
I used to be attached to everything I did, so it was rejuvenating to develop a detached attitude, especially in a job which I enjoyed thoroughly. In fact, I noticed that when we are too attached to our job, we tend to drown our voice. Thankfully, I found a way to develop healthy detachment.

Detachment does not mean that we stop caring about our job. On the other hand it means that we only care about the impact of our job on the customers or recipients of our product. When we are too attached and have a constant fear of losing our job, it’s very hard to be detached, because every action we take will consist of planning and scheming, with the aim to please our seniors or bosses.

If however we gain inner stability and mental clarity as to why we are doing any job, our ability to thrive increases. Consequently, we share opinions and perform tasks which are in the best interest of the business or endeavour. Here are some tips and realisations which dawned on me and transformed my mindset:

1. Self-Esteem
Understand the value which you bring to the table

Once we internalise that our employer is benefitting from our contribution and that we are valuable, the fear of being rejected or misjudged decreases. Then we happily share our knowledge and expertise to help the company or organisation grow. This mindset brings along the conviction that the purpose of our actions is to help. Detachment then arises naturally, because we realise where we stand and our intentions are pure and clear. 

2. Sense of Security
Increase your options

Someone who has limited skill sets and is restricted to one job, with scarce opportunities in their field of work, will struggle to be detached. Therefore it is essential to expand our options by constantly perfecting our skills, expertise and knowledge. In doing so, our ultimate goal is to bring value to society. With this mindset, a skilled individual attracts the right opportunities. We become eligible for more options, our sense of security increases and also gain the ability to be honest. Honesty, purity of intention and fearlessness are all partners for a successful life.

3. Be Fearless
Don’t be scared! There are plenty of opportunities for the competent.

Detachment and fearlessness go hand in hand. Most of the time, we avoid expressing ourselves due to the fear of judgement or consequences. If we realise that no matter what, we are always looked after in one way or the other, especially if we have the right skill sets, then we’ll naturally become fearless. Equipped with a toolbox of skills, knowledge, wisdom and mental clarity, an employee remains detached and unstoppable. Such detachment is an asset to any company, if they learn to value it. And guess what? If they don’t, there are plenty of fish in the sea!

So, all in all, detachment in a job is possible if we have the right foundation of security, are clear about our intentions for the job and keep the bigger picture in mind. The feeling of freedom associated with such detachment is blissful and powerful! Try it, live it and love it.

Initially posted on LinkedIn.