In 2020, I had once seen Devi Baglamukhi in a dream but had never tried chanting her mantra. Excessive self doubt, you can say. In January 2022, I again had this desire to invoke her. My inner voice was forcing me again to invoke a mantra. But I was procrastinating it, I was still skeptical, even after couple of nice experiences. (Huh, the ever chattering mind)

I was not sure about what to do. So finally, one day, I gave in to that voice once again.

Devi as Baglamukhi

It is said that there was a demon called Madan, who acquired the boon of Vaak Siddhi. She killed that demon by holding his tongue so that even his boon couldn’t save him. But she also blessed him and he is always depicted with Devi as shown in Feature image. Devi Baglamukhi is associated with “स्तम्भन” (paralyzing). It is said that she paralyzes the intellect and speech of enemies.

My Experience

Sitting under the bright sun, I tried to visualize her form, Pitambari, one draped in yellow clothes. I didn’t knew any formal details about her. I slowly and mindfully recited her mantra subtly, with as much concentration as I could. I wasn’t sure if anything would happen or not. But she did what she is said to do. She paralyzed.

Within a couple of chants, she paralyzed all the voices in my head and there was just a silence, a yellow hue I had been visualizing along with a feeling of love and gratitude. My ever chattering mind just silenced like anything. The self-destructive voices and self-deprecating thoughts surrounding me, they just vanished.

When we read about such things as “स्तम्भन”, on the gross level it may feel that we are thinking about someone else and the mind may think, “I will do this to someone, etc.” And such videos and tips do exist on the internet today. But I realized, it was actually to work on myself. It was actually about “स्तम्भन” of my own mind and thoughts.

So yes, she did paralyze my enemies – my mind and random thoughts. When your mind is silent, no one on this earth can disturb your peace. But if someone’s mind itself is chattering, such a person won’t find peace even in heaven.

Feature Image