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Today I feel an incessant pull towards You. O Devi! I feel You flowing through my soul after a long time. As I close my eyes, I feel something within me turning motionless.

Sometimes I experience myself in two parts—one that is moving ceaselessly in this samsara (in a cyclic motion), and the other—that sits motionless, like the hub of a wheel. Sometimes I become The Dance, and sometimes—The Silence. And sometimes, I become both, simultaneously. You fall into me and You rise within me in alternative turns, and for some 1/66th fraction of a second, I merge into You.

I become different things at different times. But everything that I have turned into till date, somehow fails to satisfy me to my core. But when I close my eyes, and let myself become a hollow bamboo, You turn me into a melodious flute. And I feel my existence dissipating blissfully into Your melody. In that divine losing, I feel Complete. When Devi is the incompleteness, then incompleteness itself is complete.

O Devi! How can I possibly ignore Your calling within me? From every second to every day of my life, You quietly grip me. Otherwise what am I possibly without Your grace? My identity has shrunk into a bundle of emotions, a horde of worries and some teaspoons of experiences.

But whatever I am at whichever time of my life, I will always wish to be a figment of Your grace. O Devi! Once You hold someone in Your loving arms, is it even possible to get away from The Grip? In Your grip, I am ready to lose a thousand eternities.Your love is the rasā of life. In Your love, I fall… in Your love, I rise. Every day, Your love is burning everything that needs to be burnt, within me. Every day, Your love is transforming me into a little something that I am meant to be. May Your presence stay within me always!

Pic credit – @linga.bhairavi (Instagram page) 

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