Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I offer my obeisance in the feet of those great sages whom child we are…

“When they were with us we were unaware… When we lost him we found what actually he was…”

Yes, that person was so close to me whom I under estimated every time.

I’m talking about my grandfather. He was born in Month of Margsheersha (Nov-Dec) 1939. And died in the month of Margsheersha 2016. From childhood Dada Ji was like other kids too, even in his 20s and 30s he was like an ordinary government employee. But what made him so special?

I can say this very clearly by “Guru’s grace he was able to achieve that state:… Story begins in this way that in our village there used to be a Saint(Devi upasak). He used to come to our home daily or in two days in the whole village he used to visit our home only in the whole village… One day as usual my grandfather was coming to home from his night shift.

On the way coming back to his home, as he told me, he encountered with what we say a chudail or something, actually there are varieties of them I don’t know what actually it was. Dada Ji got frightened but somehow he escaped but when he came back to home he was having a high fever. This fever continued no medicine could cure him, my grand father’s mother, my great grandmother(Badi Dadi) called that Saint, Badi Dadi used to call him Bhaiya. The Saint came and by seeing Dada ji he said: “Ohh to vo Dikh gayi” and then he touched his holy Chimta(Tong) with Dada Ji’s forehead and Dada Ji was all ok…

This was the first incident that made Dada Ji in believing him. Later on Dada Ji accepted him as his Guru.

Dada Ji used to tell me about his Guru’s stories, about his miracles and all. I remember once Dada Ji told me about his two Sadhanas: one he did in cremation ground and another one in top of the hill. In my childhood I didn’t paid deep attention to his words but now everything is crystal clear but he is not with me now. 

I can’t reveal his actual Sadhana, he told me what happened in that but I’ll keep it to myself only.

I remember people from nearby villages used to come our home with their problems like “Pandit Ji ye ho gaya vo ho gaya”. My Dada Ji like an ordinary man used to come and sit in Veranda to listen them. First Dada Ji used to tell those people don’t speak anything let me know, whatever I say listen carefully, if it’s correct then say yes if nit then simply no don’t do any other conversation in between till I opens my eyes. And you would not believe whatever Dada ji says people used say “Ji bilkul sahi ji sahi hai”.

And then Dada ji used to pray to Mother Divine to help those people, he used to do some Tantric rituals I’ll not  reveal them, as Swami says “Real Sadhana’s vidhi never lies in books”.

Beside all this my Dada Ji was very angry man, angry in a good way. I ask Maa he meditated on you and still facing anger, answer I have is that: “Goddess will get bored by getting devotees of one type, some devotees must be short tempered, like we can’t eat sweets all time, we too needs spicy food sometimes, same way maybe mother divine wants devotees of this type”.

Dada Ji used to pray Mother Divine everyday: “Maa Shareer chhoothe to na mujhe kasht ho na logo ko bas aisi kripa karna”.

And same happened he died in a fraction of minutes.

In December 2016 my Uncle was taking Dada Ji to hospital for regular checkup, my brother started the car, all were ready to leave for checkup but Dada Ji tried to spend time in home he went to Bathroom and seated there for a time, like he was wasting time there. When he came out he laid down on bed and by touching his feet he said “Time has come”. He told everyone to come and said put tulsi leave in my mouth. With in 5 minutes he left his body with eyes open. He was not too sick. But that happened…

We lost him…

I told his story in very short….

Let me share one of his picture:

Devi sadhak: my grandfather. 2

Dada Ji narrating his experiences to everyone… The old man with raised hand…

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I pray to Maa to bless me to bless us all..

I’m blessed to be his grandson.

Jai Shri Hari!

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