Devi Saraswati

A Poem Dedicated To Devi.

This is the month of Magha. And 5 Feb was the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha. That day is celebrated as Basant Panchami or Saraswati Puja. Many families, schools, clubs and educational institutions celebrate Saraswati Puja with great love and fervour. Saraswati Puja is also celebrated in our family every year. We had a new idol of Devi installed in our Puja room. The old one was submerged in the water. 

In my humble obeisance to Devi, I want to offer this poem to Her. May Devi shower Her grace upon us! 


🍁 Devi

O Devi, the Radiant One!

Whiteclad and lotus-eyed,

You are the bestower of Divine Knowledge,

The very embodiment of Vedas. 

I take Your refuge, Mate.


You travel on a Hamsa

Who has the wisdom to discriminate

Between milk and water, Sat and Asat.

Give me that blessing, Mate—

May I too move with that wisdom. 


O Devi, Biswarupa, You are the Goddess

Of Arts and Music.

You hold Scriptures and Bina in Your arms.

You live in the hearts of your sadhaks.

Make me a sadhak of Yours, Mate.

Live in my heart as well.


O Devi, Sattwa-swarupini,

You guide your devotees 

To the gates of Mukti.

Guide me too, Mate—

Your deluded devotee am I.


Hey Devi Saraswati,

What can I offer You!

You are one

Who gives Atmagyan!

I offer my intellect to You.

And tear-filled pranams.

Make me pure as You are,

Hold me in Your arms!

Jai Jai Devi charachara-sare

Kuchajog-shovita padma-hare

Bina-ranjita pustak-haste

Vagabati Bharati Devi namo-stute.

Thank you.
Image Credit: & edited by me.

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