Om Govindrupini namah

Wishing happy woman’s day to every devi who writes here  on osdotme.

Godess lalita ambika ,dearest tripursundari  is surely happy  today blessing us with her love and playfulness.

Praying for her grace to always flow in our lives like crystal clear waters of Narmada flowing in omkareshwar.

 A couplet from an octad written by shankrachayra.

Seek I shelter in tripursundari ,Mater familias of the three eyed One,

who is roaming in the kadamba forest, A bank of clouds to the galaxy of sages.  

Whose hips excels the mountain who is served by the damsels celestial, whose eyes rival new blown lotus, And swarthy like the nimbus newly formed!

Seek I shelter in Tripursundari, Mater familias to the three-eyed one,

Who is habitating the forest of kadamba,

Holding a vina golden, wearing a necklace of gems priceless, a face deeply aglow with ambrosia , Through mercy bestowing prosperity,

Clear eyed ,the wandering one!

A song dedicated to Sri and hari 

A standing stone of love  for love 💘

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