Instead of a fixed and conditioned worldview, with devotion the mind is fluid and flows with the life current (Hukam/God’s will), and not against it – just as water flows with the current.

Instead of just relying on the analytical, discursive and cognitive faculties to make logical sense of things, with devotion, the mind uses the language of intuition to sense patterns and flows in nature and societies to gain insight. A mind immersed in devotion develops a global vision guided by a holistic view of life – perceiving not only what is, but also anticipating what can be.

With devotion no obstacle is insurmountable. Alignment with Hukam God’s will, moves us beyond our constricted ego-lens to a broader and higher vision that is based on Dharma, the organizing principle of the cosmos. With devotion our capacities, as intuition, instinct and empathy are developed that enable us to see paths and patterns that others cannot because our awareness has been extended.

The practice opens the door to freedom – freedom from the constriction of the ego as the fulcrum for all activities. Instead, the mind in devotion operates from the extended fulcrum of listening to God; which is another way of saying that the mind operates as a unified whole. Ordinarily (that is, in the ego-state), we react to events outwardly, through the physical senses, and process information to accord the experience with our world view. This gives us a semblance of stability and continuity. But there remains a split between “I” and the experience – which is constantly being judged and labelled by the “I”. With devotion, the split between the experience and “I” is dissolved.