From experiencing divine love through divine love
Embarking on a journey from Someone to
Becoming divine
Sense of Wonder
Takes room in my heart
Where all lapse
And nothing remains
Only the love for Divine
That fills my heart
With beauty, with peace
Calmness enters very being
Warmth of love that cuddles my being
Losing self in heart of thee
Making way for tranquility
Surrounding and merging
Every atom of mine, In ever peaceful ocean
Drenched in love, transcending the core
Embracing divinity to the deepest being.

Nature is a witness
To the emerging beauty
The moments coming closer
Thee Unfolding the moments to treasure
With the loving hands
Is thy beckoning to fly
Is it love
For you.
For you.That I’ve become
What I have become
The divine embodiment
Vessel where divine dwells
To devote life
For divine alone
Spread the goodness of divine
So embraced and imbibed
Virtues tiding high
Merging with the divine high
Aligning the self with the higher self
Together we go
To all the places
Make it the most
Wonderland of Paradise.

Beauty of thee
The love soo divine
Transforms the heart of all
The love that transforms
Is a blessing from divine
Is the one that one should hold on to
To know that
The love is true
Love that engulf the other into one
Unification takes place
Of mind, body and soul
Aligning oneself with the self of thee
Knowing self to know thee inside
Life of commitment and devotion
To have found thee and to live for thee
Uniqueness of moments
That lasts deeply in soul
For eternity to come
A beautiful union with divine
Unearthing eternal happiness and joy
Fountain of bliss flowing with grace
Bestowing transcendental freedom
From being complete to becoming complete
Is the greatness of thee
Feelings of thankfulness and gratefulness
Devotion and surrender fills my heart
Bowing at the holy feet of my love
From miles away 😊
For I say, I love you.


Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om