I read memorial. And As it must have happened to all the people present here, I was immersed in Swamiji’s feet.When someone used to talk about Guru, I always used to say that when God is Himself, why should we need to adopt a human being?

Gradually the devotion increased, the glory of the Guru was known in life.  After reading many books on Guru, then the importance of Guru in life came to be known.Watched all the videos in a year, read Swamiji’s books.  If there was any doubt, i read its related books. 

(This was the period of covid, so I had to take care of myself. I could find time for myself.  Then i came to know that one should live for himself also.  Then I came to know what do I want in my life. I consider it as good deeds of my previous birth.)

After following Swamiji for two years, after seeing another Guru, mentally I accepted Swamiji as my Guru But bcz of Covid and my family restriction, i couldn’t able to visit ashram. I was just praying mentally to my spiritual guru,  Sometimes apologizes for accepting guru without his permission. 

I’m devotee of Shiva. Between As soon as the first lock down opened, we went to visit the five Jyotirlingas. By divine grace after that i saw some change in myself, i was giving 100% to my daily chores but somewhere my husband did not like my devotion. I was simply doing shivlinga pooja as my nityakarma, listening discourse of Swamiji and sometimes i talked that i wish go and visit the ashram.  I had never miss my duty. I gave my 100% to him, his family but i saw it wasn’t enough. 

Then also i took permission to visit ashram in November. I was flying in the air. After 2.5 years, I’ll able to see my God, my Guru. I could able to get chance for personal meeting (my prayers worked). I met Swamiji,  interact face to face. Wowwww!! What a grace! 

As everyone feet after meet Swamiji, i feel it also. Whole time Swamiji’s (Shri Hari’s)  glory in my words. I was Feeling calmer than before. Even My school demolition i accepted as it’s divine mother’s blessings.

But somewhere i found detachment with my husband(to be honest). Actually, not only bcz of devotion. Now,  i have wisdom to raise my voice(not in loud😂) against wrong thing. As typical Kathiyawadi family,  couldn’t bare it. Also i declared that don’t want another child, wants to dedicate my life to teach students who is unable. 

That’s what happened, in-laws not just forced for second child but i have to undergo gender test and if it’ll girl child i need to abort. MIL saying, this is the way to have a child in society. We want our heir. I tried to convince my husband but didn’t work. 

Finally, that day has come. I heard call recording of my SIL and husband that “let her go, We will get another.” 

 On 31th November 21, we had completed 10years together and this man is saying let her go. It’s just wowwww!!!

(to be continued……)