Om namah shivay.

I don’t know how it developed in starting but from last 1 year I can see what happens to me. To be true at first I was willing to go to Himalayas to attain samadhi or waking up kundlini. But as time passes these things become secondary and what comes first is to attain higher state of bhakti where I will completely disappear in Shiva. Devotion is the thing which comes and become stronger as the time passes. It happens to me many times that I cried for him but he never came, at that time I think there is nothing called God , he doesn’t exist, if he then is not kind-hearted as he is not listening to me, then i sleep or do something else. But as hard I try to not to believe him , the stronger I found myself devoted to him. It never ends and become stronger day by day. I think devotion is that thing which had completed seek of many seekers and believe firmly that it will complete mine too.


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