Ahh….too many submissions, deadlines, too many tasks, sleepy eyes (Architecture!😪).

Most of us go through this on a daily basis. Materialism and busy life. Well these are all external. Changes in the environment…home, office, roads, traffic, cafe,etc give birth to a thousand thoughts, emotions lingering in the mind which keeps draining our energy throughout the day. We have indeed blurred the line between life and work. 

The mind will start troubling the body and we’ll end up looking like a zombie walking around ( because I look like one all the time ☠️)

A simple answer to this is BREATHE! 

This works like magic!! I’ve been doing it since a few months now! Let us first hear what my ‘Shyama-Sundara’ has said about breathing exercise:-

“Other Yogis offer the act of exhalation into that of inhalation; even so, others the act of inhalation into that of exhalation. There are still others given to the practice of Pranayama (breath-control), who, having regulated their diet and controlled the processes of exhalation and inhalation both, pour their vital airs into the vital airs themselves. All these have their sins consumed.” ( Ch-4.29)

”Shutting out all thoughts of external enjoyments, with the gaze fixed on the space between the eye-brows, having regulated the Prana (outgoing) and the Apana (incoming) breaths flowing within the nostrils, he who has brought his senses, mind and intellect under control such a contemplative soul intent on liberation and free from desire, fear and anger, is ever liberated”.  ( Ch-5.27)

”When like a tortoise, that draws on its limbs from all the directions, he withdraws all his senses from the sense objects, his mind becomes steady”. ( Ch-2.58 )

Breathing is the most important reason we all are alive right now (logically!…. bollywood songs say something else though💞 ).  Breathing is the bridge that will bring about the union of the mind and body in a few minutes.

While we are breathing you can feed some positivity to your disturbed mind like i do!.

A few wonderful things as follows:-

  • Me, my body, my mind and my Shri Krishna are together in THIS moment.
  • I am where i’m supposed to be.
  • Even though my sea has been turbulent, everything is peaceful right now.
  • Even though my sky is crazy with storms, i am protected and safe right now.
  • Even though i closed my eyes yesterday, i’m fortunated to see this beautiful day.
  • Even though i was a failure yesterday, my Krishna has given me a new day.
  • Even though i have harmed the other life forms ( unintentionally ), the divine has been kind to me. 
  • Even though i might have committed sins in endless life times, my Krishna has still chosen me.
  • Even though i made innumerable mistakes, krishna has been showering his grace and forgiving me.
  • I am the child of the Supreme.
  • I radiate power, love and peace.

It might look like a task at first, but come on! You have been through so much… you deserve this! Lets get better together and be a little kind to ourselves too!

This is the second post of the ” let’s get better together series” .

First one is here! I hope it helps!😇

Live, Love


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