For every profession as Doctor, engineer, charted accountant, Lawyer or a management professional we need a basic degree! That is 12 years of school + 3 years of graduation + atleast 2 years of professional skill management course , after this we give competitive exams or interviews to be selected for a primary basic job in the field we chose! Did any of us wonder What is the qualification or skill required to get married? Is it healthy body? ,rational mind,? Earning skills? Cooking ,cleaning and washing skills? Relationship handling skills or compromising, adjusting and co – existing with a stranger and his family? When we see reality shows as big boss or Big brother and see the melodramatic situations where participants cry,laugh ,scream ,cook ,clean and romance under the same roof for 40 days its funny but Did anyone ever think were our Grand parents or parents or us skilled to get married? Why does any one get married? For companionship? Its a biological need? Is it the best arrangement anyone can be in? For society to grow or because our forefathers have done it so we must do it too! One of a very sincere co devotee today discussed with me how his father threatened him that he ll even snatch the right from his son to cremate his funeral pyre if he doesn’t give his concent to get married! The said co devotee is a very concerned good habit boy but detatched to humans but only in love with motber Divine! His father further emotionaly blackmailed him when he said he has no feelings for anyone that y did he( his father) earn so much or make houses? The concerned devotee confided in me and said his father was not a malicious man but due to job frustration used to hit his mom and him as a child and now thinks every one needs to get married its a beautiful world! What are the skills you think one needs to get married?