“Swamiji, my health is bad. I feel eternally exhausted,” I whined.

“Eat multivitamins,” our beloved Swami replied. 

In utter disbelief at his simple remedy, I said, “Multivitamin?” 

“Yes,” he said, ending the discussion.

I walked out of that conversation a bit confused. I thought I made nutritious food at home. Why do I need dietary supplements? 

The Fundamental Issue

You have to exercise to feel energetic, but you have to feel energetic to exercise. That’s a chicken-and-egg story. To break that vicious cycle, we must address the fundamental challenges first.

As it is said, to conquer a mile of the run, we must first tie our shoelaces!

A massive reason for fatigue is insufficient nutrition. And, the immediate solution for that is dietary supplements (multivitamins). For instance, consider the typical meal at my home:

  • Roti or Rice
  • One Lentil-based Dish: Dhal, Chole, Rajma, Sambhar, etc.
  • One Vegetable Dish
  • Plain Yogurt or sometimes, Yogurt-based Side dish
  • Pickle or other condiments

Now, think through the above carefully. On the days we eat potatoes as a vegetable dish, we don’t eat carrots. That is, we didn’t get any Vitamin A that day. On days we ate Chole, we missed out on the goodness of Dhal. Despite cooking healthy food, we’ll never get the nutrition we require constantly. 

In ancient times, women did nothing but cook all day! So, they made numerous dishes that provided well for nutrition. Even after that, Ayurveda prescribed Chyavanprash, a form of dietary supplement. 

Today, both men and women are busy with their neverending task lists. For obvious reasons, they can’t make multi-course meals. Accordingly, most of us eat just one or two dishes in a meal. With this lifestyle, Dietary Supplements become non-negotiable requirements these days.

Working in Closed Spaces

The modern lifestyle has more problems in addition to the above. Most of us work in closed spaces, and our project deadlines keep us locked out of sunlight for hours. Due to this, Vitamin D deficiency has become a prevalent issue.

Referring to something similar, Swami once said in jest, “Hum Suraj Ko Darshan Nehi Dete!” (We refuse to show our celebrity faces to the Sun.)

Hence, please ensure that your multivitamin has enough Vitamin D in it. If not, order separate supplements for that. 

Points to Note

  • You don’t have to take multivitamins every day. Most doctors recommend taking them 2 or 3 times a week. 
  • Many multivitamins have animal products in them. If that’s an issue for you, please look for Vegan or Vegetarian ones. If you don’t find any, you can stick to the Ayurvedic options.
  • Chyavanprash and other such supplements contain a ton of sugar. Maybe you can talk to our in-house Ayurvedic physician, the sweet and helpful Manjula P Badiger, to explore more about this. 

This Time’s Goal 

Research and buy a good dietary supplement (multivitamin). Please consider your special dietary needs – like Vegan, Vegetarian or whatever – before purchasing them. If you wish, please go the Ayurvedic route.

A Recap of Habits

When we cultivate new habits, we tend to forget the old ones. It’s essential to keep working on the already discussed habits to achieve our fitness goals. So, here’s a recap of what you should be working on:

  1. Drinking Enough Water

Recalling the Logistics

  • I’ll share the next small fitness goal when I see at least five ‘DONE’ comments on this post (including mine).
  • If you have questions, please ask them in the Q&A forum. The entire community, including me, will answer them there for you. 

Don’t give up on your physical fitness. Say out loud to yourself – Yes, I can do it!



Image: Photo by Jellybee on Unsplash

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