Lust is an intense and powerful need to have some particular thing.

The need may be for anything, it may be for Money, it may be for Food, it may be for some particular activity or it may be for Sex. It’s doesn’t matter what it is, it can be just anything.

But Love is not need, it doesn’t demand anything. It doesn’t know how to take anything from anyone.

The only thing Love knows is, To Share different things, emotions and feelings you have without expecting anything in return.

You want to share your time, your happiness, your presence, your love, your care and your protection to someone whom your love.

When you are in love, you are very calm and serene, you can just sit anywhere, even for lifetime without looking at time but when you have lust, you can not do that.

Either you get into some mad action or try to control sensations through some dirty activities.

When there is a certain neurosis, a certain madness within yourself, you can only be in lust and without this lust you just can’t live.

When you went in deep rooted lust, you sometimes might try to bring out from it but you just keep shifting lust from one thing to another thing but the LUST in yourself remain same.

Love is not something you find, achieve or gain something or someone. It’s just a mutual and holy devotion for each other where both are equal without any exception.

Lust is a temporary excitement which suddenly grows and suddenly ends but Love is a daily practice that may grow slow and steady but it’s ever lasting with its consolidated roots.

Lust is like a kind of madness, and you do everything to take control on it and forget it.

And all the entertainments in world are just made to hide your madness cum ugliness.

But if you are perfectly sane, truly devoted to Love, you don’t need any kind of excitement or entertainment.

Entertainment is only needed to calm and hide your sensations.

If you are truly in Love, you can just sit till the infinity looking into the eyes of his/her without moving here and there and that’s Love, Pure Love. ❤