Seldom do we understand the importance of being different. The world looks at people with wide open eyes if they are different, they walk on a different plane, they have a different ideology and different habits.

Different is not considered to be normal in our society but it is true that these differences make the true color of the society. What would it be like if everyone wears the same colored clothes, eats the same food, speaks the same language in the same dialect, have everything same? How would it be then,  and how is it now, when we have people from different sections of life, talking in different languages, wearing different clothes, and acting differently?

India being a diverse nation has a lot of differences right from food, eating habits, culture, customs, dressing, language,to practices. Some are considered good and the same at other places are void. Why so is it that the customs and practices of the people which make them different? Differences are said to be because of genes and the upbringing of the person.

What are these differences and why are these so important, let us try to understand these?

1.      The difference in taste:

It is said that the flavors in India change every 15 km and the style of cooking also changes. The spices used change and the procedure and the name of the dish change. It is said that it is the demography, altitude, water, air, and soil are what change the taste in the food, and its properties also change leading to change in the taste and flavor.

2.      The difference in clothing:

Like food, the dressing of India also changes but not after 15 Km but yes after 500 km range you will find change in the dressing style of the people. There would be a drastic change in the clothing style of the people (traditional I am referring to) changed and that was also due to the temperature change and the humidity level of the area. These are the reason and the culture also become a strong reason behind the same.

3.      The difference in rituals and customs.

India is home to different cultures and religions. People change, their faith changes, leading to a change in the culture and customs of the area. Rituals like animal sacrifice are common and in some places, it is not considered to be good and is prohibited. If we dig into the custom, we find it to be prevalent in the areas where consuming meat was not a taboo.

4.      Difference in beliefs.

There is an old saying that faith makes miracles happen, and this is said to be the basis of beliefs that have been prevalent in said areas. They are just limited to those surroundings only, available to only a few specks of people. 

5.      Difference in language

Do not know of much about it as I am not a science student but I read somewhere that it is the shape, size and the strength of the throat that makes an individual capable of speaking. This may be why different people have different capacities. These are the people who speak different languages, with different dialects.  The shape of the throat can be the reason for the change in the language. (I may be wrong and please correct me if you know of an exact reason)

The above stated can be considered the reason for the difference in an individual from others but there are some factors which can outright this difference.

1.      Love

Love has no caste, creed, or color. It is said to be the most selfless and pious feeling in the world. It does not see culture or religion. It is complete and when in love people go beyond the limits of human beings.

2.      Care

People use the word care differently from love and I am also one of them as care is something which is one line below love. People care for people, animals, and even things. Caring is when you are there during both, the good and the bad times of the a person. It is also an emotion that does not care for who you are and how you look.

3.      Gratitude

It is an emotion that is within everyone. All of us use it often, but there is an issue that it is specific to an individual. People choose when and towards whom they must express this emotion. This is an emotion that can take you close to the divine in no time, the more you practice it the more the universe listens to you. (Trust me it works, it works wonders)

4.      Kindness

When you feel for others, when you try to understand the other person’s perspective and try to consider as to why that person did what he/she did and then you react. This is a tough one (trust me, Reyan is all in teaching me this and I am working with him) kindness is not easy but once you get hold of it, it will truly transform your personality.

5.      Oneness

When we start to live in harmony with nature and follow the natural rule we get into perfect harmony. When we start to see and accept that we all are one irrespective of our position and lifestyle. This is the true transformation that an individual can have.

6.      Blood flowing in our bodies.

It reminds me of a movie (Krantiveer starting Nana Patekar) the blood that flows in the human body is the same. The groups can be different but blood and its characteristics don’t change with the caste, creed, religion, or color. This is the most common factor which makes us understand that we all are the same and not different.

7.      Birth and death.

Now why I kept this point is that this is the ultimate truth. Every individual who has taken birth in this world has to die one day. Death doesn’t see if you are good or bad, it doesn’t see in which religion you are born and what you have done. The fact remains that this is the most common thing that will be faced by every individual. 

To conclude, we can say that we all can be divided by name, culture, faith, money, religion, or practices but in the end, we all are one and are the kids of the divine who has sent us to live in perfect harmony. Let’s leave all the differences aside and live peacefully.