Our digital device is an amazing tool. It helps us in every aspect of our life. But, do you realize that it can help us to do random acts of kindness? Yes, we can have a digital RAK! So, you don’t need to go anywhere to do some random act of kindness. 

Without further ado, here are simple digital RAK ideas that you can do from your fingertips.

1. Leave a good and honest review

A good and honest review helps both users and the stores. I can’t count how much money and time are saved from this! Imagine if your reviews are read by hundreds of people. Besides, a good review can also help online stores boost one’s income, especially for small-medium enterprises.

2. Likes a positive content and comments

As a human, we have a negativity bias. To balance it, we need to proactively promote positive content. And it’s not hard to do. It is just a matter of one touch of your thumb. Besides supporting the content creator, this will switch the algorithm to favor more positive content, too!

Another thing we can do is to like positive comments. More often, in another platform (well, no need to mention it), finding positive comments can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. When you find one, just hit like! By like it, hopefully, the algorithm will shift to favor the positive one.

3. Leave positive messages

Reading positive comments makes my day! This makes me want to reply positively, too. What I like in os.me is the prompt in the comment box “Be nice”. This is so simple and subtle, but yet so powerful! And this is not only about the social media content. You can send positive messages to your friends or family online, too!

4. Make inspiring content

Who doesn’t like positive content? Thankfully, there are plenty of it in here, os.me! Also, we can create this on other platforms. The inspiration that you give will help the people who read it. That happens without you know it!

5. Send app feedback

I am not a developer, but feedback will be useful for both the developer and the user. You can tell when they send you a thank you notes 😀

6. Support app developers, content creators, or a cause you believe in

I consider myself lucky to be able to purchase a premium membership here. I think again and again, but then I regret why I didn’t make the purchase earlier 😀 it’s worth every penny! The community is so lively and lively.

This doesn’t always contain money. However, join an online membership or supporting a cause have its own perks. Just make sure you don’t make this a reason to purchase mindlessly 😀

7. Turn on anonymous analytics of an app

This will help us to have a better experience with the apps we use. Before you turn this on, check their privacy policy first.

8. Share good and useful apps or contentsI

think everyone already knows this! 😀

9. Use a better and eco-friendlier alternative of digital tools

There is a terrific search engine called ecosia.org. It converts our search result into trees! Who knows one can help the environment by browsing the internet?

Every moment is a chance to do a random act of kindness. Moreover, you don’t need to spend any money on most of these RAK. And you can do this by just sitting at your home. Maybe you have better digital random act of kindness ideas that I haven’t listed here. It would be great if you share yours! Let’s spread kindness, offline and online. Hope you find this post useful 🙏😊


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