Am back again with another health topic- HYPERTENSION.

Another spiritual community that am a part of, wanted me to answer some of their questions about hypertension. Below are the questions and their answers respectively. 

1)      What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is pressure exerted by blood on the walls of the arteries. As per Ayurveda it can be corelated to Raktagata Vata or Raktavruta Vata. Unhealthy food and lifestyle changes leads to vitiation of air element, which further causes vitiation of pitta and rakta(blood) leading to blood pressure.

2)      What is the cause of High Blood Pressure?

Unhealthy food habits, Excessive spicy and sour foods, excessive physical activity,  suppression of natural urges, Excessive intake of salt, lack of physical activity, excessive stress, untimely food habits and lack of rest, Being overweight, hereditary factors, consumption of alcohol, cigarette and tobacco chewing, Excessive anger, Excessive indulgence in sexual activities, Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks, tea and coffee.

3)      Can High Blood lead to other ailments?

Yes, long standing hypertension when becomes uncontrollable, causes- stroke, heart issues, kidney issues and vision issues.

4)      What Natural Remedies can we use to treat High Blood Pressure?

a)       Neem leaves – To extract juice and to take one teaspoon with few drops of honey early morning on empty stomach.( For period of one month)

b)      Lashuna Ksheerapaka- 2-3 cloves to be boiled with 1 cup water+1 cup milk, until it reduces to one cup and to be taken once a day.( for period of one week to 10days)

c)       Ashgourd juice- ½ a glass daily in the morning for 45days.

d)      Wheat grass juice- 30ml with equal quantity water in the morning for one month.

e)      Vilwa/Bilwa patra choorna- ¼ tsp to be boiled in a glass of water and once it cools down, have in twice or thrice a day in divided doses. For one month

f)        Eating a banana everyday

g)       Coconut water or Water melon juice, also helps keep BP under control

NOTE- All those who have uncontrolled hypertension and other complications and major illness, may not benefit greatly with above remedies. Hence, they are advised to consult an Ayurveda physician for effective medications.

5)      What Herbal Remedies can we use to treat High Blood Pressure?

a)       Drakshadi Kashaya

b)      Brahmi Vati

c)       Sarpagandha choorna/vati

d)      Giloy Satva

e)      Ashwagandha choorna/tablets

f)     Arjuna Choorna

6) What Lifestyle recommendations would you suggest, to control High Blood Pressure?

  a) Practice pranayama and meditation regularly to keep a check on your stress levels

  b) Get 6-7 hours of quality sleep

  c) Practice exercises or any form of physical activity for 30mins-one hour a day, especially in the early morning sunlight.

d) Do not  take white table salt. Replace it with Himalaya pink salt(Saindhava Lavana)

e)  Sarvanga Abhyanga( Oil massage full body) or Shiroabhyanga( Head massage) or Padabhyanga( Foot massage) is highly beneficial in controlling and preventing hypertension.

7)      Can High Blood Pressure be cured completely, if “Yes”, How?

Yes. When detected early, in absence of any major illness or complications and in younger adults the hypertension is definitely curable with right food and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda medications, therapies( such as Takradhara) and Yoga with diet and life style modifications can definitely cure hypertension.

All credit goes to all the doctors who have been educating and treating people selflessly with their expertise…

Sri Krishnarpanamastu…