Meet and greet is a major part of our Indian Culture.It exhibits our ethics.

People have adapted different styles of greeting one another.Some say ‘Good Morning’ and some fold hands and say ‘Namaste’.

I being Punjabi fold hands and say Sat Shri Akal.However in College,I wish Good morning or Good afternoon to my professors.And mostly students wish by saying good morning.

Let me share one small story with you all.

I was in a College.My Practical exams were going on.I was having conversation about Viva with one of my friends ( I would not mention the name).She had appeared in the viva with one of my other batchmate( one roll number next to her).

They both went to the room where professor was sitting.My friend wished the professor good morning.The other girl folded hands and greeted by saying Namaste.The professor was quite impressed with her way of greeting.Both girls sat in the chairs infront of the professor.

Both answered few questions that were asked to them.Atlast,the professor said to the girl who said Namaste ‘Your parents have taught you great values.I shall award you full marks for this’.Then both girls  left the room.

I was listening to my friend and she said ‘I wished good morning and she said Namaste,does it mean that my parents have not taught me great values.I said good morning because we were taught in school to wish good morning’.She was depressed.

I listened to her and made her feel better.

But I kept on thinking about this.

What are your views on this my dear family?Was my friend wrong?Did the professor judged them correctly?


Yours Ripandeep ❤️