My eyes glued to the beauty of the idols in the Hindu Temple in the United States (not too far from where I lived) in an unexpected visit made one afternoon. More so, they found the words that enchanted them. I planted myself there to read and re-read till I internalised them.

From the memory of that spiritual event, I share below what was transmitted to me; leaving the understanding of their essence up to the reader:

“Keep your mind on me at all times and if you can’t keep your mind on me then do it with the YOGA ‘of constant practice’ Oh Dhananjay!

If you can’t do Abhayasa Yoga (practice) then take all actions for my sake without the attachment to the fruits of action.

If you can’t even do that then Meditate.”

“Knowledge is better than practice (mechanical practice). Meditation is better than knowledge. Renouncing the fruits of action is better than meditation. Peace follows renouncing the fruits of action.”

In my interpretation from Lord Krishna’s words, what I understood is that doing rituals mechanically or as a formality without mind on God but lurking on the fruits of action is of no significance. Ultimately it is in our capacity to do our karmas and leave the results to the divine rather than setting strong expectations or attachments from them.

Meditative state facilitates higher perception and detachment from the fruits of actions.

“Truth connects people,” I had read somewhere and perhaps these words; the truth from the Lord, are a gentle reminder on the path of seeking that makes us all inextricably connected.

It takes log in the fire every day to keep it burning just as this reminder,  to be able to practice meditation, yoga and renouncing the fruits of action.

I had visited the temple just to spend some time although I am not a huge fan of temple visits everyday, but this visit was a call from the Lord . I needed direction and was called that blessed-day to receive it directly from the Divine.

Although it is hard to let go of expectations while taking any action, but it’s also a matter of constant practice to remember that this direction is the one to take.


Image credit: pixabay