Palash was reminiscing on the incident in office a week back. He had submitted the project report a week in advance and felt he had done a fantastic job. Yet there was no word of praise or appreciation from his message. All kinds of thoughts from a change of role, to taking a week off to even quitting the company were coming to him all through the week since.

Kriti was feeling low. It was now over a fortnight that she had not spoken to Shreya, her best friend from school. They had planned to try out the new restaurant in the neighbourhood together, but she had instead gone ahead and gone with some other friends that included Monica, someone who Kriti anyway detested for her snobbish ways.

Rohan was crestfallen. He had been eyeing the scholarship that was to be awarded to the winner of the business idea competition in his school. He had casually mentioned his idea to Jatin and apparently it had then got leaked to Dhruv, who went on to submit a plan on similar lines and actually won the competition. He was so angry and all kinds of vicious ideas were coming to mind for revenge.

Disappearing thoughts 2
We all often find ourselves in a situation, similar to what Palash, Kriti and Rohan were in. We all have setbacks, shocks and unpleasant happenings in life. Events which really put us back, make us question humanity, make us not wanting to trust anyone and are totally disgusted with life itself. The examples I have shared are mild, but sometimes this feeling of disgust can even lead to suicide out of depression or murder out of revenge.

The irony is the insignificance of the events in the larger context of our life. An incident or an event can never be so big, that it can disturb the game plan for our life in general. Neither was the project for Palash that critical that it could impact his career, neither was that restaurant visit for Kriti so critical that it would impact her social life in anyways. Yet, what it does to us is big and the feeling of setback lingers through our mind for a time-period far far longer than justified.

Disappearing thoughts 3
Last week, WhatsApp announced a new feature in which certain messages will ‘disappear’ automatically after a time period. That is when it occurred to me, that it was about time that God also made a similar feature amongst us humans, so that certain thoughts, especially those which occupy space in our mind for a very long time, can be made to disappear instantly on in a very short period of time!

And the pullback impacts us in multiple ways. Palash’s work was getting impacted, he was not doing the next project very well either. Kriti was not only talking to Shreya, she was not feeling like talking or meeting her other friends either. This is where these thoughts or feelings take up more of ‘destructive role’ and need to be removed from our minds at the earliest.

Something I wrote a while back was on bad thoughts and good thoughts :

Disappearing thoughts 4
In conclusion, while we wait for God to release the next version of humans, who will have the ability for ‘disappearing thoughts’ built it, we can do our bit to program our minds to let the negative, destructive, vengeful and harming thoughts out of our mind at the earliest, before they impact our productivity, our happiness and our state of mind.

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