In the previous post, I talked about the ageless aspect. I thought to share a very simple way which can help you discover that timelessness. This is very easy, it just requires a bit of mindfulness and a shift in awareness.

But don’t underestimate easy things. Sitting may sound easy, but just try sitting still for one hour, it’s not that easy! Breathing is easy but trying to just breathe without thinking, is it really easy? Easy things are not that easy, paradoxical, but it’s the truth.

The Method :

It’s a sort of remembrance. Every day, any time of the day you get time, just try to feel, try to recall and compare, “What’s the difference between today and yesterday, the day before yesterday or any other day?” Try to compare.

For example, try to recall what were you doing at this particular time yesterday or a day before. See how easy it is, can it be easier? You can do this right now. Try to recall and just observe silently, try to witness. A few moments ago, it was yesterday and after a few moments, it will be tomorrow. Try to be aware and see what has changed.

On normal days, we are not so conscious, we often tend to drift with life so try to do this on days when anything significant happens, fortunate or unfortunate, good or bad, gain or loss, just observe. For example, recall this on Diwali— “Yesterday it was not Diwali, today it is and tomorrow again it won’t be.

What is changing? Who is changing? What is the difference between this day or any other normal day or any other festival like Holi? What is the difference between this year and last year?” Or do this on your birthday or someone else’s birthday or any other occasion. Do this with different weekdays, visits, months, etc. Just observe with equanimity, stay even, after all,

समत्वं योग उच्यते

Equanimity is called Yoga (Srimad Bhagwad Gita)

The Effect

If you are mindful enough and do this regularly, after some time you will realize that something remains unaffected. The difference between different days is just superficial, there’s an undercurrent which remains unaffected. Only the experiences of different days are different, otherwise, every day is the same. Different movies play but the screen is the same, it’s neutral.

Gradually, it will lead to the realization that it’s all cyclical, it’s all round and round. People keep running in this cycle all life, unknowingly. And this is what this world is, a cycle, it’s just a cycle. Vishnu, who sustains, carries the Chakra. The Chakra symbolizes the worldly cycle, the cycle of life and death.

With practice when you discover this timeless aspect, you will find stability even amidst chaos. Then you will neither get carried away by some achievement nor get depressed about some unfortunate incident. This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy life. You will still enjoy life but there will be a sort of detachment, contentment and fulfilment. You won’t run in the blind rat race. Everything will pass and you will still stay untouched.

Remember that these words are a direction, this doesn’t do anything unless you grasp the underlying essence, unless you really get that feeling. Remember that it’s today that everything is happening. Past and future both are in your mind, everything is happening today.