Words are precious – even more precious is silence.  Spoken words are silence disturbing.

I am enjoying my shift from mind fullness to mindfulness. All to, blessings of Swamiji and wonderful service of disseminating age-old wisdom.

I enjoy them as that attention to moments between activities. This attention to the gap moments creates the space to become aware of all the thoughts and bring attention back to the act. This deliberate act has infused freshness in small acts. More moments I notice, richer the action.

Impulsiveness, that unstoppable urge to act as soon one thinks of action – the degree of impulsiveness can be thought of time between thought and related action.

Much of unconscious action is highly impulsive. Think of the next youtube short and one is already watching it…think of an item one wishes and next moment, the amazon site is opened, irrespective of what one may be doing at that moment. 

I find the practice of adding time between thought and related action very instructive. This practice helps me question – if action is even necessary? Allows me to ask all the more important questions – for the sake of what is this action? Is the chosen action the best way to accomplish the outcome i wish for? This has been a space of value. Reducing time in action, contemplating the best course, and many times letting it go without any action.

There are all sorts of mundane actions which I play with – noticing that ever-increasing itch on the back of the neck..or that urge to be on youtube or check WhatsApp in the middle of writing an important document. Fascinating to see my body developing so many routines without my notice :-).  Even while writing this article!!.  How often am I aware enough to watch my thoughts which automatically lead to action? 

What science tells about delaying actions is another fascinating exploration, but for another time. 

All thanks to Swamiji, countless masters, and experts who share their insights and wisdom so freely for larger betterment. we are blessed to be in this time of abundant insights and knowledge. Pranam.


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