Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I offer my obeisance to the Divine in you.

From last year I started to eat Satvik food, but being a child who is dependent on parents I have to eat some tamsik food too (Onion Garlic). I always try to avoid eating food outside and the food containing these tamsik ingredients…

What I am facing is that if I do not eat these type of food then my Sadhana goes well, I have control on my thoughts almost by the grace of divine. But whenever I eat such tamsik food the Satvik thoughts which comes in my mind stops completely and suddenly I start losing my interest in sadhana and I violate the niyams. Even after having this type of food I also have night falls, I’m sharing this because before I met my Gurudev I even don’t realize the importance of Brahmchary.Β 

I was in the school where the students start playing with their Brahmchary at an age of 14. From my school days when I was 15 I too did these things but I don’t knew that time what damage I’m doing to myself. I will suggest everyone to teach the importance of Brahmchary to their children. I was writing the Essay in hindi on student’s life mentioning the importance of Brahmchary even without knowing the importance of Brahmchary what actually Brahmchary means and my parents feel hesitate to tell this thing to me. But I request everyone to teach their children the importance of Brahmchary.

So I was on my food. Being as a member of family I have to visit relatives house too and there are relatives who are alcoholic eating tamsik food and there I have to eat food unwillingly and the person or lady who is preparing food do not take care of thoughts while cooking and when I eat that food I completely goes down in my spiritual path. I’m not able to figure out this thing. But I’m very confused by this situation, when it comes to hostel life Oh! God please save me, there the mess committee don’t take care of anything. I don’t know why students are eating this non veg when I is not allowed in student life…

I’m still working on myself and I’m looking for your suggestions.

Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.Β 

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!


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