Mr. ‘X’ said, “I haven’t gone to my office since last week. I am having fever and my whole body is aching. I am feeling low and lonely. I hate my job as an hotelier. I hate my life as I can’t punish the wrong doers.”

He looked up. His mentor, Mr. ‘Y’ was listening attentively which helps him to gather courage to narrate the whole story to him.

“Last week there was marriage anniversary celebration in the hotel like any other party. On last minute inspection before party begun, I found all arrangements splendid and without any fault. Spick-and-span! All staff members had either done their duty perfectly like decoration and lightening or were ready to perform their assigned duties like serving of snacks, drinks and food. All of a sudden deputy manager of the hotel came almost running. He informed me that three persons near the pool were heavily drunk and were refusing to pay the bill on repeated requests. Waiter, Head waiter and he all have tried. The bill amounted to Rs.18754/-. As the head of the event I took the matter in my hands. I went on the spot and politely requested them to pay bill of the services offered by us. Two of them abused me in their local dialect. One of them who had a strong built came forward and slapped me. He dragged me by pulling the collar of my shirt and threw me in the swimming pool. The water was ice cold. I shivered with anger as well as cold. All of them abused me, warned the staff members standing nearby not to help me and left the place. As I was climbing the stairs of the pool, I raised my eyes and saw my girl friend in beautiful green colour evening gown. Her dress showed that she was an invitee to the party. Her eyes were red as fire and face discoloured like a burnt charcoal. She exclaimed argh, made a face and strode away in anger. She was expecting me to fight with three of them like a Telugu movie; with just a touch of my index finger throwing all of them out of the boundary wall of hotel. I came out of the pool and called my boss so that we would complaint to police. Boss was not interested in filing a complaint against them as this would harm the reputation of his hotel.”

“That’s really embarrassing!”

Excerpt from my book ‘Japa Meditation – The Easiest Way to Calm the Mind’

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