A few years ago, when I was an atheist, I never thought that one day I’d see them everywhere I look. I feel extremely blessed to be able to see him, see her everyday and not just see them but experience them. 

We have a fully functioning world out there and we have a fully functioning world inside of us and yet isn’t it naive to wonder if God exists? We are seeing him everyday. We are feeling him everyday. With each breath we take, with each sound we make, with each beat of our heart and in every drop of our blood. In every fibre of our being and in every particle of this universe it’s him and only him. There is nothing but him. Then how can I not see him and think about him and talk to him each day when all I see is him.

But I’ll be a fool to think that it was my merits instead of her grace. I didn’t choose them, they chose me. I often tell Shiva that he invaded my life. It was similar to a parent pulling out his child almost forcefully from a muddy sandbox. At first this child cried and wanted to go back to the mud and dust, the thought of being away from the sand box was unsettling. The sand box of samsara has such an affect on all of us. We build our mud castles in it and wish for it’s permanence, we fail to notice that it’s mud, it will break one day, it’s in it nature to be transient. But as children we are happy to play in it. Untill our parents come and tidy us up.

 The reason I keep asking to talk to him/her is because if we want to feel their presence in our lives then we need to bring them out of the Altars. He is not just a picture sitting there, he is the fabric of our clothes, he is the wood in our tables, he is the very air we breathe. My friends who are even believers, god is an idea for them, something they are conditioned to believe but it’s not their reality. They’ll keep a nine day fast but will be very skceptical of the idea that God is actually a living reality and saints have actually seen god with naked eyes. We will be missing out on a huge bond if we don’t treat them like we treat our loved ones.

I have already listed out some points on how we can do that, the teeny tiny things that we can do to bring them into our lives but during these Nine days we can try one more thing or just this one thing. Whenever I eat something I offer it to him first, even chocolates and chips. If I get too excited and take a bite first, I offer it to him after taking the first bite but I always share with him whatever I eat, so much that it has become a habit now. I subconsciously take his name before putting anything in my mouth to eat. That way everything that goes into my body is prasadam. These Nine days, let’s share everything with the divine mother ❤️😊 from our thoughts to our chocolates 😛. 

All we need to do is to take the first step and they will guide you all the way after that. I have lost count of examples on how many times they have protected me, put me to sleep when I was anxious, talked to me when I was lonely, gave me tremendous insights,  answered my queries, pampered me and the list just goes on.

They have loved me so much, so so much that they changed its defination for me. They made me realise that not only I am deeply in love with them but I am love myself and so is everyone else.

Parvati Pataye namah ❤️