We all have so many lables for our human existence, and each one comes with a ton of responsibility and expectations. We spend our whole lives trying to live upto it that most of the time we never get to experience what selfless love means.

By his grace, I am experiencing it everyday and everyday,without fail, I thank him for it, because you never take each other for granted when in love. Words will never be enough to express what it feels to be loved so deeply but I am going to try, so that whoever reads it, knows that eternal love does exist and it is right there for your taking.

  1. 1. Your projection of the divine, and your mutual love, does depend a lot on your own perspective. Your divine is a reflection of your own self. 

2. Unlike human relationships, this one is free of judgements, punishments and ego. Love cannot happen without being vulnerable, when we love, we expose ourself to hurt too. If we have suffered some traumas in the past then automatically our mind will take up the guard to protect, but in this relationship it is so easy to be vulnerable without fear, because you know that you can’t get hurt.

3. We don’t need to share each and everything with him because he already knows. He already knows everything and he is always ready to talk and offer a solution.You don’t have to wait for when he will get off work 😛 he will always be there for you.

4. Love and respect is always mutual, the more you love him the more you’ll be able to feel his love towards you. If you ignore him then he’ll stay in the background, smiling, waiting for you to come back.

5. When I get anxious, which I do pretty often and I feel like I haven’t met my productivity goals, and it seems like nothing else works, my last resort is to take a walk with him. Those 30-60 minutes is more than enough to wash away all my anxieties. He explains to me my own issues and how I can get rid of them. When I don’t still get it with the pep talk, then he dives into deep contemplations and those are my favourites. Contemplating with him is like going on a treasure hunt and the fun part is at every step you discover a piece of treasure within you.

6. This is the easiest of the relationships because all we need to do is acknowledge him. Rest, he makes it so easy to love him, he will truely define this word to you. He demands nothing, absolutely nothing except for your faith. He accepts whatever you offer with love, he listens and answers either directly or indirectly. He is ever smiling.

7. I remember during the starting days, once I was very upset with one of my best friends, she had broken her ties with me and I was roaming around with swollen eyes for two days straight. Those were the days when divine was just an idea for me and not a reality. Anyway, I looked at him at the altar and said, “promise me that you’ll never give up on me”. It’s been more than two years and he never has, instead he pulls me closer everytime I feel like I am slipping away.

8. Getting upset, getting angry and testing the one you love are just human things. He doesn’t do that. He doesn’t test you by putting you into miserable situations. Would a parent do that? Would a beloved do that? No, right. Then why would he? He is the one who is the most compassionate, he would never put you into such situations. What we suffer is due to our own karma. 

9. Loving him like you would love your close ones makes it easier on you because may be you cannot keep up with the chanting and poojas, maybe you have difficulties in understanding Sanskrit terms and can’t feel the emotions. But in this case, you are free to bond with him in your own way and can upgrade yourself when you are able to feel those sentiments and surrender.

10. He never takes you for granted, he will do even the tiniest things to make you feel loved. Be it answering your queries or making it rain for you or taking away your anxieties. He does it all. 

But most importantly, even if at the beginning it’s all about you and how is he taking care of you, gradually that changes to ‘us’, and with further Passing time ‘us’ changes into oneness. Then it becomes, ‘He and I are the same, infact I have no identity of my own’. And then in the end it’s all about him and only him and  losing your existence in him or a better way of putting it will be, finding yourself in him 

Still waiting to be eternally lost 😛

Har har Mahadev ❤️