For many spiritual aspirants, we often just concentrate on a final idea of samadhi or enlightenment. But enlightenment I have begun to see is a process where embodiment of the divine or integration of the divine in the human aspect of life is actually what this idea of enlightenment is about. In some stages of spiritual development the aspirant often seeks solitude (and rightly so) but there is another aspect that creeps in, you no longer want to mingle with society.

And that is actually a danger sign. A spiritual bypass of sorts. In the past year I have had the opportunity to speak to many awakened teachers from different walks of life. And the one thing that strongly stuck on was they all warned of spirituality becoming a bypass for life. Embodiment/integration of the divine that starts unfolding is a process. And sometimes a very long drawn one, perhaps even taking life times. For many it happens quickly, in some very subtly, and sometimes you will notice it happening. It is perhaps the most integral part of the spiritual awakening process. In fact that is the critical process. Because even if you start gaining that clarity of the spirit if you cannot integrate it in human life, that is no spiritual growth.

In fact there are often cases where a person advances spiritually but because of lack of integration can even experience insanity.

Often the lack of awareness as a spiritual aspirant of this aspect keeps as in a shadow space, that doesn’t help us progress. But as the embodiment grows and matures that is when you are actually getting closer to what is understood as the state of awakening. They all spoke of different practices that help in integrating the openings that take place of spiritual journey. All these chats are available on my podcast called Spiritual Lunacy. If you ask me which one you should listen to, the truth is the one meant for you, you will automatically attract you. 

I haven’t written in a long while, but the urge I got this morning was to speak about, integration being a very important part of one’s spiritual process. And it is also important to introduce practices to help with it, because like I said, it can take life times. You can experience great spiritual truths but you are still in the shadow area if you that divinity lives in a separate world from your human existence.