2 years back , during the 1st lockdown I was stuck in my one room kitchen rented apartment in Mumbai.  Those were quite horrifying and unpredictable times. It was the month of June and Year 2020.  I stayed alone in that apartment. I used to listen and sing Krishna bhajans with utmost devotion before going to sleep . One day in the morning I saw a dream which felt so real . I saw my aunt who is my father’s sister  in my apartment and she had died few years ago in real life. I asked her in dream” How did she come inside”  She smiled at me and said she has come to stay with me for 15 days. Then I woke up from my dream.

Next day ,  I saw few cracks in the ceiling area and messaged few photographs to owner. She took it lightly and told she can’t get the repair work done in lockdown. Then I got busy for few hours in office work but felt something is wrong within my heart. It was around 1 pm when I sat on my bed and was having my lunch. My eyes were constantly seeing the cracks developed while eating.

I felt that I should tell security guard and ask him to check .I walked till my door and ceiling along with the fan fell on the bed  and surrounding area. I could not believe my eyes. I was completely safe standing near the door with no injuries and  I was in front of a digital painting of Krishna. I thanked God a lot that day. I would like to share two photos of my room after the ceiling fell :

Fan with the ceiling falling down in my room

Divine grace - my life saved! 2

I feel that thought of calling security guard was sent to my mind by my guardian angels , spirit guide or higher self . In Bhagavat Geeta , Krishna said “Mai sab main hu aur sab mujhme hain”( I am in Everything and Everything is in me”) . If this is true , Krishna in that ceiling did not fall until I left that place. Like Krishna , saved Vrindavan people by holding Govardhan Paravat , my Krishna saved me. I cried out of gratitude to God in front of small puja place in kitchen which was next to my room where the incident happened. I took my belongings and shifted somewhere else nearby. My owner built that place again. It took the construction guys “15 days” to completely repair the home. Remember something ?? My aunt had told me in dream that she will be with me for 15 days . My bond with God strengthened even further and my faith unshakeable!  Ending  my first post on os.me with my little love letter to God which is as follows :

“Dear God,

Thanks a lot for everything. I Love you a lot…Never leave my side!

Only Yours,


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