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Do meditation , connect to God , eat pure food , ( Satvik food -vegetarian food ), do good karma , earn pure earnings , you  will find in three months how you feel good , your health would will start improving drastically and you will start liking yourself and naturally you will start liking others also , people would start liking you .let us take a project of meditation and start experimenting with spiritual life style .

“Meditation needs to be practiced daily withdrawing our thoughts from worldly matters then connecting to  the  self and supreme  power  , it would become natural habits . Spiritual knowledge and connecting to God helps us to understand  all  true significance of rituals  and God’s role is to give us love , knowledge  and power , God does not control  the situation  of our life , they are the consequences of our  own Karmas .when we understand this  truth then we  shift from fearing God to loving God.The original potential of each soul is 100% pure , love full and peaceful .

 Ram ji  Bhala kare 

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