Bhagwan Narayan is always in union with his consort , Sri Mahalakshmi. Whenever He takes avatars (incarnates) , Shri Mahalakshmi also incarnates with him.She follows him, wherever he goes.  As Bhoomi Devi in case of Mastya, Kurma, Varaha , Vamana, Parashuram avatars. She comes as Lakshmi ,when he appears as  Lord Narasimha, As Devi Sita with Shri Ram, As Rukmini and Satyabhama with Shri Krishna avatar.

     Shri  Mahalakshmi incarnated with the divine name of Rukmini (Radiant or adorned with Gold;  Piratti Lakshmi ).  Shri Rukmini, was the princess of Vidharbha.  present day in Maharashtra with its capital as Kundinapuram.  King Bhismaka along with Rukmini had five sons. |Rukmini was the youngest among them. Bhismaka named his five sons with the root sound as ” Rukma”.  His eldest son was  named Rukmi. The second one as Rukmagesan,  third RukmaBahu, fourth Rukmarathan and the fifth RukmaMali.

                                         Sri Krishna performed many Leelas during his avatar. today we are going to hear about one of  his Leelas. Do you know that Devi Rukmini never met Krishna before their marriage. From the visitors at her palace,  Rukmini had grown up hearing Krishna’s tales of beauty and valor. She was  told about the six opulences ( full in Strength,  Fame, Wealth , Knowledge , Beauty and Renunciation) of Sri Krishna . Attracted to his divine personality, She decided that she will marry only Krishna.  

          Dharma Shastras recommend marrying someone with brothers. Five brothers and their sister is Rukmini ;this is mentioned to explained their inner meaning.

It was time for Rukmini’s marriage. Mother and father desired that Rukmini be submitted to, given in  marriage to Krishna, but Rukmi flatly rejected this proposal. His younger brothers also did not like this proposal. They insisted that Rukmini be given in marriage  to Shisupal, the King of Chedi.

Why are there five brothers for Rukmini?  
Rukmini’s position is similar to (para thanthra swaroopamaana) Jeevaathma.   Submitting this Jeevaathma to PerumaL is the Aathma Vivaaham (Wedding).   Sareera Vivaaham is consummated on this earth.  Aaathma Vivaham is marriage between Jeevan and Paramaathma. 

Shasthras say that all Jeevan are feminine.  Even if they are males, their Jeevan is only feminine. Why is it so?   
All the jeevan-s are dependent by nature; they depend on bhagwan; our ancient old shAstram says that women do not have independence.  

Since jeevan-s are like females, just as a father gives his daughter as Kanyadanam , Achayas/ Gurus   presents the jeevan-s to Narayan.

Just as a Father gives daughter to the Son-in- law as Kannigaa dhaanam (Wedding), Father in the status of Acharya submits Jeevan (Para Thanthra Chethana) to Perumal(Bhagwan Narayan). That is what is known as Aathma Vivaaham

Why would PerumaL not accept Jeevan?  

Five brothers won’t help! Who are they – the five Gnana Indiriyaa namely Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin .  These five indriyaas (Pancha indriyam) prevents us from reaching Bhagawan; to prevent Rukmini from attaining Perumal, five brothers were born. 

Let’s get to the Leela,

    During this period, in Dwarka, some used to admire the beauty of Rukmini and mentioned that marrying Rukmini would result in good married life. This fell on the divine ears of Sri Krishna and likewise He also felt that it would be nice if He gets Rukmini.  

   How should women be?   They must have Intellect (Bhuddhi), Qualification (lakshan), Generosity (Audaryam), Appearance (Roopam), Wisdom (seelam), and good quality (GuNam).   Only when a wife has all these, it adds to her pride. 

Sri Krishna thought that all these were possessed by Rukmini and desired to marry only Rukmini.    All the relatives also felt that Krishna would be the deserving bridegroom for Rukmini. 

Even though the King’s relatives and Queen’s relatives felt that Sri Krishna would be the most deserving bridegroom, that Rukmi and his brothers were not interested.   Why? 

Sri Krishna is born in a clan without any Coronation ; in addition He has made friends with cowherds; also out of fear for Jaraasandha, He has been hiding by establishing a home in the middle of the ocean. He has no friendship with the rich; His only friends are bearded rishis; so it will be nice if we give Rukmini in marriage to one who is suitable to us like Shishupal, the King of Kings.

This way, her eldest brother (Rukmi) insisted that Rukmini must be married to Shishupaal only; his brothers also agreed to it. 

Their father also decided that let it happen accordingly, decided in favor of Shishupaalan, rejected Krishna and ordered the wedding invitations to be printed.  What was the defect with Krishna? 

Only their hatred for Sri Krishna was the cause and nothing else.  Rukmini woke up as soon as she got to know that they have made the decision and also fixed the wedding date. 

(Rukmini thought) This divine body is grown only for this Sarveshwaran; as this divine body has grown only to be submitted to Him, I should not remain without talking. It is not correct to remain without taking efforts to attain goal (Purshartham). She decided that she must make some efforts and attain that Bhagavan (Sri Krishna)                                    

With a mind filled with sadness and mental agony, she sent a messenger to Sri Krishna. She sent a brahmin as her messenger.

Why a brahmin? 

She was afraid that if Rukmi gets to know the name or place of the person, he may stop him from being a messenger; she sent a secret messenger it seems.

She (Rukmini) wrote seven slokas; she wrote it herself!  She sealed it in a cover and asked that it be submitted to Sri Krishna, the King of Dwarka 

Rukmini pours her feelings in to seven Shlokas as available in the Srimad Bhagavatham, 10h Canto, 52 chapter. These are beautiful and philosophical  shlokas about the Lord, a plea to him to accept us, His greatness that even the Vedas  cannot glorify Him and why He has to heed even our prayer. It refers to us as well, in Rukmini Devi’s place as the Lord is the ideal spouse to the jeevan   and we live in the samsara, try to unite with the Lord, but this is prevented by five sense organs like the brothers of Rukmini and these sense organs want us to get bonded to Samsara, represented by Shishupal. 

We will dwelve in the deeper  meanings of the slokas  in the next post by saturday. Till then on a lighter  note

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P.S. : The above inner meanings were given by  HH Srimath ThiruKudanthai Andavan in Tamil. It’s just paraphrased here in English.