Dear Swamiji,
I am no poet, but this heart filled with adoration and gratitude pours out some lines. Please don’t mind πŸ™‚

O sweet child of Mother Divine
You are the most beautiful flower in Her garden
Spreading your divine unearthly fragrance
To all the visitors in the garden
You carry the sweet nectar of wisdom
So deep down in your bosom
Quenching the thirst of those
Birds and bees who plunge into the bottom
The sun shines brightly on you
The moon and stars smile at you
The clouds shower their blessings on you
The seasons come and go
But Your beauty doesn’t wane
Nor does the fragrance change
The nectar flows in abundance
As it comes from Mother herself
The wind caresses you with its touch
The dew drops gently kiss your petals
But you still remain untainted
You remain unchanged unaffected
With your heart turned to the Mother
Dear Mother Divine, how fortunate am I
That I could get a whiff of the fragrance
From your sweet beautiful child