On the assigned day of Opd of Neeraj, i requested a co devotee Dr Piyush Gupta ji ,who was very kind by heart and a mature man to accompany me to Aiims hospital ,to understand what the doctor says and prescribes the child with third stage brain tumour! Dr Gupta was very compassionate and sensitive to accompany me and wait 2 hours standing in a hall packed with 1000s of patients, someone coughing on face of another, someone being insensitive even to push people on crutches and some wailing in pain! Aiims is India s best government hospital with supers specialist doctors and state of art equipment but its only on reaching there we realise that it may be subsidised priced but the poor who come there dont have that much funds too! After standing for 2 hours in a chaotic and worse than a railway platform environment, the Doctor called only 1 attendant with the patient, in government hospital i saw that day that at same time doctor call 4 to 5 patients together too much work pressure! He kept seeing patients and on seeing Neeraj s reports and examining him physically asked whos child is this? The boy looked here and there in blank look, i have 2 kids myself and have had a great and secure child hood myself ,seeing him so lost and speechless melted my heart,i hugged him and said to Doctor..mera bachaa hei! The Doctor said they needed 20,000 rs for his operation immideately and they can call us any day to admit him and get him admitted! I carried some drawing books ,colours ,chips and frooty juice which i gave Neeraj Soni who s one of step uncle s son was kind to get till Aiims. In lower income group who do menial jobs ,going to hospital means loss of one day pay ,so they r least interested to treat their kids properly and rather get taweez ,jhar phoonk or local medicine from jhola chaap bengali doctors who have no degree! Those reaching hospital means something extremely as serious that they have sacrificed their lively hood
Any ways Piyush ji and I raised the operation ammount in one week with help of our co devoteees who were extremely kind and even prayed for Neeraj regularly. Now came the task of getting opd card marked urgent for operation from Mssso( social service officer) of Aiims, even being well dressed, English speaking or educated and humble dint help but to atleast go 4 times and then get atleast 4 signature from treating doctor to operating doctor to anasthysist and blood bank Doctor ,we got an urgent date for Neeraj,meanwhile his tumour was growing and protruding out of forehead! All this took a month and in mid November we finally got a call on his operation date and i went to do all admission formalities, since his family was uneducated they couldn’t manage any of this, nor was he their biological relative so why would someone spend a penny on him! From auto fares to hospital to lunch ,dinner and tea ,we sponsored for his Step grand mom! Neeraj had an 8 hour operation and a tennis ball size tumour was removed from his brain! He was kept in i.cu for 3 days and i used to make his step grand mom see him from outside on stipulated meeting timings! After 3 days he redeveloped the brain tumour so fast again and was again operated to be in Coma and i.cu for 20 days! The old step grand mom too stopped coming .With my family responsibilities even i could only manage 20 minutes a day with him ,so i again raised money for 1000 rs attendant for morning and night for him ! I took a freind who was a Gurudwara goer and did paath for him and also rubbed holy water on his hand ,feet and forehead! On 20 th day i kept chanting Swamiji s name caressing his forehead praying to him ,do best for this child s soul! He was at peace and i felt he smiled too when i took his name! At mid night as our house had a power cut and some loud crackerin t.v. which was not onn ,as if Neeraj s soul saying bye to me ,i received a call from the Hospital, his step cousin told me he is no more.Next day after finishing house chores i rushed to a shady colony of Delhi..tikri to say final bye to the child! But he was Divine s child.His life less body had already left for the cremation ground! We gave some money to his grand step mom for post rituals and left with a heavy heart back home! I couldn’t save Neeraj but he gave me a gift of Seva..