When Medhaji, posted for the challenge of week, then I was reminded of an incident, which changed me from the inside a few years back. Today, I am going to describe here on this platform, that, which I have never discussed with anyone.

We moved to Solan in early 2016. Before that I was listening to discourses of Om Swamiji for the last few years and was doing meditation and a few other spiritual practices.
One day we had planned for a picnic to Dagshai hills with the family on the weekend.

Every one was playing some games and were busy. I wanted to explore the place on my own.

I opted for a short track in the hills, to an isolated place and sat on a rock nearby. It was a quiet place and I sat in a meditation pose and some action happened  spontaneously within. I felt as if I was merging with the surroundings and I am one of them. Tears started flowing through my eyes, those were tears of  bliss  and oneness.

My mind was calm and thoughtless. I never felt like this earlier and had lost track of time and almost one hour had passed. In the meanwhile,  I heard some voices, my husband and other family members were shouting my name as they  could not find me.  I didn’t answer as I didn’t want to get up and wanted to remain in that state. Not sure how that happened but I was in that state for a while. It was the beginning of finding my true self, I couldn’t feel my body for a while.  I was like that elephant on that tree branch, happy to see people from a distance and was enjoying the scenery of world.

Thank you all for reading this Post.

My Pranams to Guru Om Swamiji. I am grateful to the Divine Mother for all the love and grace in my life.