A few days ago I got a funny and a some scary dream. That was like this.


This story will make no sense because it is a funny and scary dream. 😜



In my dream we shifted in a new house which was very big and very beautiful. There I went to the first floor and I saw long stairs going downward and upward. I saw a man with red eyes and wearing black and brown old dress. In night his big red eyes were shining very brightly and he was saying something in other language. I was scared to see it and hurriedly went to my Mumma and my sister with my scared face I told everything. We all believe in God so with divine high volume of hanuman chalisa we went upward to the first floor and he was also speaking something else in her language. As the divine volume of hanuman chalisa was very high so he was slowly and slowly getting back and back and slowly – slowly we were getting closer to him. Now we thought that he is defeated by us and also, he was not visible that time. We stopped speaking hanuman chalisa. As I said let’s go back to the room. We went back into the room in a hurry and I saw him again in the CCTV that he was dancing in a funny way. There I saw a man and we all were relieved. My dream got broke. My mom came and said ” Get up it’s early morning “



I thought it is not a bad dream. I should do worship everyday. I was shocked while noticing it. If divine volume increases the bad energies can be defeated. In our life also if divine volume gets up and we do worship we can have good things going on in our life.


Jai Sri Hari🙏🙏


Keep Smiling 😊


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