Jai Shri Hari,

If surrender is to be measured

by the colour of clothes,

Then colourless

is the colour to paint.

If divinity is to be measured by

the followers around,

then  detachment to all

is the number to count.

If sorrow and devotion both have tears

one is for oneself

and other for THE self

If  compassion is

something to be expressed about

Then  actions

are the best expression out.

If happiness is to be measured

by the smiles around 

then the smiling eyes

are the one to count.

If devotion could ever be seen

it would make you cry and let you clean

something which is a divine art

something which is called your heart!

If surrender could ever be taught

Oh! my intellect you are caught

in this play of nature

surrender happens,

when someone is within


without a thought!

Like a lost fawn running around

lost his mother, she is nowhere to be found 

When mind runs around

lost it’s light, it is darkness all around

Unaware of ones true nature

which is nowhere to be found.

Transient is the world

so we are,

time is limited and

countless desires,

Out of the ocean of Samsara

It’s just divinity around!

Disclaimer- Not a poem , just few random thoughts stitched together to express myself!


Jai Shri Hari!

Thank you for reading.