One fine day, when I was starting up from my daily devotional activity, a call received about one of my astrology services, I said to meet me at a specific time on that day, they reached me and explained their topic of concern, it was about long days pain and vain they have had and continues the same. I advise them to make a daily routine to write one of good ancient mantra in book for 48 days for her and 27 days for him and observe the outcome, I took my step forward for my daily routine.

After 2 months, they suddenly met me in a religious place , this time they are with full charming and glow in both of their eyes and thanked me saying that because of due course which I was shared them helped them to sort out their troubleshooting topics from several years and also stating that I was one good reason in reaching it.

I said to them, karma which you offered is the same you received. I know very well that one cannot be all through even for a good or not good happenings, extreme eternal divinity in one’s heart will definitely bring upfront of good,
One whose heart is filled with not good vacuum, they are forced to smell not good.

Karma is all about it.

(In the above experience I is not me and she and he is not other all are just of creatures, petals, leaves, flowers,seeds where this universe is a beautiful garden of divinity)