My pranams to swamiji This story is about how divine grace  looking after everyone of us By swamiji grace I did Nava Durga puja I kept little money to give for little girl who needed but not seen any one really needed, so holding the money thinking when ever visit India I will give it in temple.second year also gathered little bit money still sitting in the box.
one morning at work I saw my manager bringing her daughter in wheelchair,  then I realised the money I kept a side can go to this girl needs as we all know managing any disability is very tough financially.
So I gave the money next day Raukura (girl name ,Maori girl) , her mother stunned,I explained to her, her eyes welled up. I was happy thinking Divine mother showed me the right person.since then every month I started giving little bit .
I am attaching the mail I got from Raukura’s mum with some pictures of the Raukura.
This make me feel Divine mother looking after every one of us.


Kia ora Vani


I have been meaning to share a small update on Raukura. Your gift helps her with special things just for her to make her happy, such as hair ties, a new jersey but most of all it makes a difference to our special library visits which we go to every month or twice a month depending on her development and need for different toys to support her mobility, eye tracking, learning and emotions.


Here are some recent pics of my little girl which I hope you will like. The one with the dog is a weighted dog from the special needs library, the one with her in a green tub is also from the special needs library, and there is one of her at school in her uniform. She is my joy and my delight. On 11 October, Raukura will go into hospital for dental surgery which means she has to have anaesthetic. I hope all goes well and I am sure it will.


Arohanui from us Vani