“Kya aapne kabhi Soorya ki ‘Divya-Kiran’ ke darshan kiye hain?” (“Have you ever seen the Divine-Ray of the Sun?”) He kind of interviewed me smilingly, with perfect eye-contact.

Stuck. I could simply reply nothing. Not a single word, genuinely, not even a single word appeared in my head.

Rather, at first, I could not even understand what was the meaning of that entire sentence itself. Plus, I did not even expect to be asked anything, as there was a long queue seeking His blessings and nearly everybody was passing by hurriedly so that maximum fortunate-beings be blessed.

It was the occasion of Independence Day celebrations, on its eve, in a private-run academy near my hometown. I would teach Sanskrit there, for a very short span, probably for four months (since I was selected in Air Force and yet to be called for joining, so as per my then thought-process, that period of pretty countable days was the only window left for me to fulfil my dream of becoming a teacher; reason-why, I left my graduation in between and began sharing my meagre knowledge by way of becoming ‘Master-Ji’ of a small-town institute and yeah, obviously I lived it up there).

He was the Chief Guest of the fest on the eve of Independence Day (though such dignification was completely negligible for His Aura and Divine Presence). His forehead was shining. His ever-smiling face was full of bliss. I was spell-bound the moment I firstly saw Him.

I still remember, when my turn came, I took my own time to sit there calmly. I touched His lotus-feet and kept my head down for a couple of Nano-seconds. It was all peace there. He blessed me; smiled at me and asked that cryptic question.

Sometimes I connect it with waking up in Brahma-Muhurta and utilizing the full-fledged day ahead far more productively. At times, I find it as a message to seek Energy directly from its source. Factually, the Sun being in the center of every Galaxy, is the ultimate source. Even at times (after learning a bit of Astrology), I find the Sun as a planet placed in my Seventh House and aspects my Ascendant (seems to be the kiddish one). I mean, a variety of replies my own head fetches.

Be it anyway, but the bottom-line is: that plain question is still stuck within my entire neuro-system; wishes to seek answer, but it fails every now and then. Maybe this one-liner itself has deeply pushed me on this very path of spiritual arena (and I could be fortunate enough to land in the Swami-Ji’s world of bliss). Though as on date it’s unresolved, but quite sooner (I definitely hope) Swami-Ji will bless me with ample wisdom to untie the knot.

(I genuinely wish my elite-readers to guide me on this generously.)

Jay Shree Hari… 🙂

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