It was Diwali’s precious day and I was in swami makarandnath’s bodh prasarak mandal , pune . It was around morning 7 AM We had gathered there for special celebration of diwali . My aunt had taken diksha from there and she wanted me to join her to attend satsang . I was going with her to this place for listening Dnyaneshwari ( written by Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj ) and Dasbodh ( written by Sri Ramdas Swami ) . Swami Makarandnath was beautifuly explaining these topics with different examples and experiances . I was liking to go there with my aunt .

At diwali day , they had arranged special function in same place . Function has started with deep vandana ( दिप वंदना ) prayer . After that , devotees started singing beautiful lord Vitthal devotional songs . Those songs were full of bhakti rasa . In front of stage beautiful Vitthal statue ( विठ्ठल मूर्ती ) was smiling by seeing his childern’s devotional bhava . Those bhakti songs were immense beautiful that I totally engaged in them . I felt some devotional flow flowing within me . My eyes were full of tears and unknowingly I started crying . I felt deep longing for God . I saw at lord Vitthal’s statue and I felt he is blessing me with his compassionate eyes . I closed my eyes . I was listening , I was feeling , I was living those moments . I asked question to myself – Is this same loging Kanhopatra had for his beloved Vitthala ? Am I feeling same loging which saint Janabai had for her best friend Vitthala ? Because of this she says जनी म्हणे बा विठ्ला , सोडि ना आता मी रे तुला ! ( O lord , You have came to me . Now I wont let you go ) I opened my eyes after completing songs . This was great spiritual experience for me ! I had entered in different world , in different bhava like in samadhi avastha .

After coming to home , I thanked to my aunt because of her I experianced this unforgotton divine experience in diwali . Full day I was in same bhava , in peace , in his bliss . By inspiring this , next day I tried to sing one devotional song . I dont have any singing background or any singing experience but I realised when you sing from heart , you no need to have any previous experience or any instrument to play or any background music . This will be like river flowing just in her own way . I really enjoyed lot by singing divine glory of lord .

This experience made my diwali memorial . I felt this was a self purification process which removed my inner darkness . When I remember about that day , I close my eyes and still experience those divine moments . Now also I sing most of the times for my dearest OM Swamiji and I feel same bliss while singing . Thank you swamiji !!

Diwali is a festival of light . This is festival of joy , happiness . We need to remove inner darkness and spread light of divine glory by remembering GOD , by thanking GOD , by praying GOD . May this diwali bring spiritual wealth , prosperity , bliss in our life .

🌷 Happy Diwali 🌷


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