Do u love me? Have you asked this to your God ,Guru , parents, partner, sibling,freind or kids? Or have they asked this to U? How many times have you asked ?How intensly and How much were you in doubt that you asked it? Did there assurance made u feel better,moreĀ  empowered? How long were the after effects? And how did you prove your love for your beloved? Do u keep saying I love u! Do u care for them / their well being? Do u gift them their favourite foods/ clothes/ holidays or Do u take them for movies ,picnics and excursions to prove your love? Love is caring,sharing ,giving and warmth…we all know that! But sometimes we need a hug ,we need that peck on the cheek ,we need hand holding and coconut (head) caressing too! Sometimes we need to hear those 3 magical words! Then why are all of us so miser and shy in saying it to those who are closest too us?,Our parents, our helpful colleagues and that helpful househelp? Let’s break the barrier and instead of shouting it out to social media pen freinds or celebrities let’s say it to those who are waiting to hear it!