Hey Uddhav people! R u an Uddhav or a Gopaa/ Gopi? In 2019 September, some Devotees of Param Poojya Swamiji maharaj took a sankalp of transforming themselves and becoming a better version of themselves! We joined a watts app group for 40 days named Light workers, the collective purpose was to first tame our constant mental chattering and then to help other co seeker in similar experience! Saadhna means…mann ko saadhna. There are usually 2 mental states Gopilogy and Uddhavology , most people are under Uddhavology virus state ,to recognise them ,their main traits are …Great logical and educational or spiritual knowledge, Questioning attitude, Journal making and planning even for how many times they used wash room during jappp ! The second variant of Uddhavology people keep degrading themselves labelling themselves as unworthy impure ,full of vikaars and in saansaarik field to achieve Divine association, The third and foremost Uddhavology bitten people keep asking Does Swamiji love me? Does he know i exist? He must be angry with me! Why is he hiding? Why cant i feel his presence! Now the 4th kind are serious seeker Uddhavologist who have stopped smiling and indulging in enjoying basic pleasures of life as movies ,food or clothes ,they think this will derail them from acheiving God! Last but not the least are The ratooo tottaa bhookha Uddhavs,they keep fasting and chanting without any kindness or love in their heart! Uddhav in reality was a very learned and skillful cousin of Bhagwaan Krishna, who learnt Yoga and scriptures from Bhagwaan himself ,but as soon as he reached Braj ,he felt belitlled and in need to learn love ,devotion ,faith and conviction from Gopis who were too simple to have any gyaan but their unconditionally non calculated love for their Shyam Sunder made them much above the people who did spiritual practices. So now the Gopology state of mind…usually smiling,laughing, in bliss ,in faith ,centered ,never doubting divine love or never undermining or feeling guilty for not reading scriptures or doing hours of meditation and jaaps aswell treat God as a freind ,a lover,a mate and remembering him in each breath. Now let me tell u my job in the watts app group the light workers..

Mud pack application
No no i m not a beautician but Gopi love is so strong that when braj s soil s face pack is applied on an Uddhav ..he too takes gyaan from Gopis and becomes a Gopa.Attatching a song in comments how Gopis made Uddhav a Gopa.All light workers please add if i missed something! Are we centered? Are we smiling? Did we breath out often???Do we need a mud pack?